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Greenville, Mississippi

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400$ per hour | 1 hour minimum


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7th place in The United States

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2 years

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Zack Bradley Photography

Zack Bradley Photography is a Greenville, SC based wedding photography studio serving the Southeast. With a timeless true to color style with just enough pop, we strive to capture love stories in an elegant and often adventurous (out of the box) way!
We revel in the celebration and go beyond all expectations from day one to create a truly exceptional and stress-free experience.

Winning photos

Rain doesn't have to be a bad thing. In fact, it's thought to be good luck if it rains on your wedding day! This backlit image was taken during a lull in the downpour of the day. The bride and groom were awesome and more than happy to go play in the rain!

86th Collection

The mountains are a magical place and this day was no exception, the sunset was absolutely perfect for creating a silhouette of the couple.

85th Collection

Taking a moment to get away from the crowd at sunset and just be with each other under the mossy oaks. I highly recommend setting aside some time for you and your partner to be alone and reflect on the day before it's over.

82nd Collection