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Candid, Creative Wedding Photographer. My Shooting Perspective is to take any Traditional Wedding and shoot it in a Modern way. I Believe in capturing the beauty in those special moments and people at a wedding. The little details, as well as the grandeur of it all. I am now based in Ahmedabad, but I have lived in England for 9 years, so my personal style, which reflects in my work is a perfect balance of Modern & Traditional.

Winning photos

Pure Love. Pure Bliss. Lovers in each others arms. No other description needed. The soft light just completes the romance filled shot.

88th Collection

This shot was taken in the morning in the bracing cold Rajasthan weather, but the couple were a sport, and together with the fantastic traditional temple and the attire, we got an awesome shot!

82nd Collection

This was the end of the day and the last shot after sunset and the sky was to die for! I just told the couple to walk hand in hand on this hill and got a series of fantastic silhouettes.

82nd Collection

This was a beautiful location we were at and the contrast between the outfits of the couple and the boat dock and the colourfull boats was too perfect! Had to take a drone shot for this one!

81st Collection

It was the end of the day and our second last shot. The sun was setting and we were lucky enough to get this dramatic sky. I love sillouhette against dramatic skies, so was very pleased with this one.

79th Collection

This was the end of the day of a fun and fantastic Pre-Wedding shoot with this couple and this was the last shot! I saw the dramatic dark clouds with the blue sky and instantly thought of this shot. Whipped my magmod kit out and lit this wall behind the couple with a red halo like ring and them and everything else being a silhouette. Perfecto! (Fun fact - the couple was holding the speedlight!)

78th Collection