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This is my passion, my business, my life.

Pushing myself to the next level and never stopping still is my ongoing goal.

Winning photos

In the rolling hills of Tuscany the day before the wedding, we found a patch of sunflowers which was the perfect end to the pre-wedding shoot. As the sunset, the groom lifted the bride-to-be in the air and created this moment.

95th Collection

At the end of the couple shoot we decided to finish big and show off the building that is as much of a character in the story as the day itself. To pull this off we waited for the right light and then used a drone to frame the image.

95th Collection

There was something about those doors which caught our eye so towards the end of the couple pictures we go low and went wide to use the character and shape of the doors to frame the couple.

94th Collection

confetti madness! in the final moments of the first dance, the groom picked up the bride and spun around. At the same, a wave of confetti was shot out of cannons which was captured perfectly in this picture!

94th Collection

To finish off the day we decided to use a multi-flash set up to change the colour of the fountain and contrast this with a warm light behind the couple. Combined with plastic to refract the light around the couple we get this nice silhouette!

93rd Collection

Nothing says a wedding like champagne so with a little planning we found a moment to for a celebration spray before the wedding breakfast.

93rd Collection

Once we saw the amazing light showing the staircase we knew we had to take advantage of it. Shooting wide and going high we caught this moment of the bride heading down the stairs.

93rd Collection

Captured in Tuscany as the sun slowly set. We took a slow walk down a tree-lined path and using an ND filter the sun was free to flare like crazy creating lots of cool effects!

91st Collection

What I love about this couple is how they were up for anything and the bride got some serious air time here as the groomsmen threw her in the air!

89th Collection

This stunning mirror effect was almost perfect in camera. The lake and the sky perfectly mirrored each other with no photoshop and nearly any lightroom adjustments. The composition here was key, moving the camera until the couple fit into the space perfectly without clashing with the dark landscape.

89th Collection

A rare moment when we had access to a hay bale, a sunflower garden, a sunset and a couple who are up for anything! And this is the result.

89th Collection

Captured at sunset in the hills of Tuscany this beautiful shot was timed as the sunset. Waiting for the perfect breeze the veil was held in such a way that it almost disappears in the foreground creating a softening effect.

89th Collection

With the bride having such a big fairytale dress and the venue being a character in itself we wanted to bring these two elements together. We waited for the evening light to pass over the building to capture this amazing image by drone.

87th Collection

Just down the road from the Hobbit Hill venue is a beautiful bridge. With a planned long drinks reception this amazing couple were happy to take a little drive and pose for this epic photo!

87th Collection