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Hi i´m Mark A. Laursen

I am such a sucker for love stories. The fact that i am able to make it my job to tell my clients biggest commitment and lovestory through photography is a blessing to me. No matter where in the world or who i am photographing for, it is the love and feel that is so present on a wedding day that really drives me.

I am happily married and we have two kids. I have been shooting weddings since 2009 and have now progressed into the realm of hybrid shooting (Photo and video) so now i can make a highlight video for my couples, if they want one. Originally i am a professional auto mechanic, and i think that i has given me some benefits on the technical side. I just love photography so much that for me its a way better path to combine hapiness in my worklife, exploring the world and making a living.

Winning photos

First time shooting wedding photos in a museum, i mostly do nature and outdoors so this was such a cool challenge and the couple loved it :)

94th Collection

A warm but very windy late summer wedding. The whole weddingday was a complete bliss to be part of, with the beautiful scenery and a lot of love and happiness floating in the air.

92nd Collection

I love this image because the couple got married years ago in Mexico, this session was a celebration of love and devotion to each other. It was a very windy day and rough conditions but beautiful. We were standing on this cliff where he proposed to her in Danmark years ago, the couple was so present and in the moment with each other being so loving and playfull even though with the high winds, foam and water splashed them from the ocean.

91st Collection