Studio Name

Klemen Prepeluh

Klemen's Photography or When a photosession becomes a real adventure and photos aren't just memories anymore

A simple, cheerful, playful man and professional photographer. Extensive experience, one of the top photographers.
It seems that the camera in his hands does wonders. Klemen sees and captures a moment that an average eye cannot detect. Beautiful details. Then this same eye experiences a pleasant surprise when it sees the result - the photography (no sugar added) takes your breath away! Flexible, creative and unstoppable.
Never discouraged by hot sun, strong wind, fog, nor rain. Not a hairspray! Klemen! Sometimes, however, the weather really suits his demands and listens to his requests for adequate natural ligh
Always picks the right time and provokes laughter - with his energy, humorous and original compositions. With the unexpected. From a purely common situation creates a work of art that you will never forget.
Beauty simply is an added value.