Jon Erick Dizon

Jon Erick



🇵🇭 Philippines

Jon Erick Dizon puts in priceless category the value of freezing time through photographs. Each time he produces a picture he takes pride at the accomplishment.

"I believe that everything is unique and it should be treasured because one can never take back time. That is the magic of photography, it captures priceless moments."

Jon started shooting weddings at a young age and has found his niche, covering weddings which he believes is the kind of occasion where a photographer gets to mix every photography type. His well-rounded personality has proven to be a perfect fit for the challenges a wedding photographer faces. Thus, his competence is reflected through his astounding shots he delivers on a regular basis.

Of course, he puts to heart the power of photography to capture time. He actually describes looking at a picture as the simplest, easiest way to time travelling, apart of course from daydreaming which is quite difficult to the unimaginative.

-Yugel Losarata
Manila Bulletin