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VS Studio

VS Studio is a media house that specialises in wedding photography and cinematography. With a standing of over 7 years, VS Studio has worked with more than 1000 clients and documented some award-winning photos. They curate experiential couple photoshoots, albums and vlogs that last a lifetime to mark the most special moment in ones life.

Winning photos

Sometimes, words can't capture the joy in our hearts. Megha and Sidharth share a beautiful moment, where their smiles and Sidharth's warm embrace express their happiness better than any words ever could. Love and happiness in its purest form.

102nd Collection

On their wedding day, Ananya and Rishi radiate pure happiness, singing their love story in the sweetest harmony. Their smiles speak volumes, marking this day as a cherished chapter in their lives. ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’–

102nd Collection

Tanvi and Pratik, a picture of love and happiness on their wedding day. Their outfits are stunning, reflecting their joy for the new journey ahead. Ready to embark on a life filled with love and endless moments together. ๐Ÿ’‘๐Ÿ’

100th Collection

Beneath Shillong's night sky, Varsha and Vikram, deeply in love, find joy in each other's company. The darkness around them only highlights the brilliance of their love, as they create their own story under the stars.

98th Collection

In the enchanting embrace of Thailand's Sanctuary of Truth, a symphony of moments unfolded for Devika and Ketan, etching their love story into the very essence of this awe-inspiring place. With each step they took on the intricate wooden floors, it was as if the sanctuary itself bore witness to their journey, a journey woven with threads of laughter, shared glances, and whispered promises.

98th Collection

Mukesh and Shrishti share a deep bond filled with love and warmth. Their connection is like a beautiful melody, resonating with the sweetest feelings of affection. Together, they create a love story that's both simple and profound, a testament to the power of their emotions. In each other's company, their hearts find solace, and their love grows stronger every day.

97th Collection

These groomsmen are having a great time, acting silly and goofy! Enjoy the moment with Vikram's best buddies as they have fun to the max!

97th Collection

Saying goodbye is a bittersweet emotion we keep close to our hearts. With teary eyes and a wry smile, we welcome the beautiful times ahead, and the moment is made as worthy as it is overwhelming.

96th Collection

The Shillong skies were a treat to the eyes and among the lush, green beauty, a memory was born. A beautiful Simran held Nitesh's hands tight as he jumped in the air with joy.

95th Collection

The Shillong skies were a treat to the eyes and among the lush, green beauty, a memory was
born. A beautiful Varsha held Vikram's hands tight as he jumped in the air with joy.

94th Collection

With the splashes of water in the background, the
soothing wind whispering, and in each other's company, Varsha
and Vikram finds a love greater than all.

94th Collection

A match made in the heavens, a sight so beautifully captured that it makes the hearts melt, such was this beautiful union of these two. Among the lights showering from the sky, among the blessings of their loved ones, these two held hands forever.

93rd Collection

Sculpted like a Goddess, she smiles behind the veil subtly while her aura radiates serenity waiting to walk down the aisle for the rest of her life to begin.

92nd Collection