Shrey Bhagat




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New Delhi (India)

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Raabta by Shrey Bhagat

Shrey Bhagat is an award-winning wedding and lifestyle photographer who is known to skillfully weave together love stories and experiences into frames that capture smiles for a lifetime. He believes that a wedding is not just about the union of two people but about the coming together of two families, their cultures, and their stories. It is his keen eye for detail and his natural talent for capturing intimate moments that make his photographs truly special.

With eight years of experience in the industry and capturing memories for couples, Shrey has established himself as a renowned photographer in the industry who understands human stories and brings them to life in a nuanced manner.

Over the years, Shrey has worked on over 350 weddings that have taken him to over 25 countries across the globe, including Germany, Italy, Turkey, Bahamas, Canada, USA, Thailand, Dubai, Qatar, Maldives, and Indonesia to name a few. He was also associated with several other pioneering projects that have expanded the horizons of wedding photography.