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Woodyalens Photography

With passion and I started to practice Photography in various ways such as fashion, Product advertising and Marketing Activities. I was looking for a style of Photography that I like these Photos. Until the day I had the opportunity to work with a famous newspaper. This Publish can change the style of my Photography.

With a job in Journalism,I feel it is more tangible and understandable than the other Photos. And One day,when I applied to Wedding Photography. It tells the story of events that

Winning photos

With the groom is very much loved by his friends. Of course, friends who attended the event had to celebrate the groom very much. Catching the groom toss to celebrate is a great fun for the groomsmen.

74th Collection

It's one of my very cute newlyweds. The couple flew back from the Middle East to catch the sunset with a sandy beach wedding. You deserve it. Then the vision of their dreams had actually come true.

71st Collection

This photo was taken on a field of purple Margaret flowers that begin to bloom. The scene in front of purple corresponds to the mood of the bride and groom smiling happily. I like this picture too.

70th Collection

I like this picture very much. I agree that the picture is thrown flowers, this picture is another picture of the emotions of friends and flowers are very clear.

44th Collection

First of all, it was during the dressing of the bride in the dressing room. On the other side, the photographer's assistant team is storing the stuff in that room. When moving the large mirror to the other corner of the room. The rhythm is a reflection of the look. So I hurried to take a photo immediately.

44th Collection

This photo was taken on the beautiful memory place of groom. He told me his bride would like a dream wedding on the beach. and here Rayong resort Hotel,Thailand has been chosen by Groom. He had been here before and got impressed feeling with this place. I love this shoot. it's quite remantic for both action. Blue sky, Big green tree on the background and light-wind was made this photo is perfect romantic.

42nd Collection

It may look a little funny. Thanks to the groom and the bride who like and cooperate with this show. The picture I want is a fun idea of the bride. She is playful, that is her personality I want to present.
I think shoes that float in the air. It will make people smile to see more or less.

30th Collection

This atmosphere you believe it or not. It's on the house
This is another favourite photo. It's like I secretly observed by a couple they did not know.

23rd Collection

At some time in the shooting incident to fix the immediate problem. We need to resolve the crisis into an opportunity. It is something to consider. And this, too, When children come into the frame. The composition may be an opportunity to create new stories that have meaning as well.

21st Collection

Firstly,It was a lovely couple.
I like a place where couples opt for a pre-wedding shoot. It suits the couple.
I love this mirror It is at the point between the first and second floors of the building.
This image looks great because of the color of the dress with a cute gesture of the groom.

20th Collection

The bride as a tennis player. Also,The groom was like playing tennis. I think they both deserve to have wedding photos at the tennis courts as a souvenir. Of course, it needs to create something that is unique to the image. Using tennis balls make as the rain falls. It would seem strange and attractive, not less.

15th Collection

See the shape of a strip of grass and trees. It makes sense that if this is a silhouette. It is very beautiful. I asked the couple to jump. To create the image, it looks more attractive than ever.

10th Collection

Why did you choose to shoot with Graffiti?
It is a favorite of brides who want to take pictures with the strange and colorful.
It indicates the true identity of her as an artist.
The Background, by letter, it is consistent with the gesture of the bridal couple.
It looks well.This includes the color of the walls and the clothes of the bride and groom as well.

7th Collection

Many people have told me it's like painting "The Last Supper".
This Photo like all the groomsmen and bridesmaids who will participate in the same event,it is natural Group Photo.
It shows a picture of fun and revel in the joy of the wedding day really.

7th Collection

Rob is half Swiss & Australian. Currently, he is an Aussie with his girlfriend Julie is half Spanish & Columbian. Her family moved to Australia when she was a child. Nowadays she is an Aussie as well.
They choosed Thailand especially, Pattaya. It was the best place for having wedding ceremony.
This photo is the best one photo for them. Rob told me they love sunset in this resort and it would be lovely if i could put him & her with the sunset into this frame together. It made the picture more memorable.
This wedding was so beautiful and warmed by love.
Everybody on this wedding flew from different corner of the world: Europe, South America, Australia and Asia.

6th Collection