Studio Name

Fotos Casamento

My name is Jay Oliveira the owner and founder Fotos Casamento and Beste Bruidsfotograaf (Best Wedding Photographer). Together with my team we try to do our utmost to make your wedding day the most unique and unforgettable day of your lives. I could tell you all about my past and how I became a photographer/ film maker but I would rather let my images and films speak for themselves. I love this job and this is also my passion and I’m super thankful I can be a part of couples all over the world and being able to record one of their most important days in their lives. Because I enjoy my job so much and also with the support of my beautiful family (my wife and 2 kids), I manage time and time again to set wonderful results for bride and groom.
My family is my inspiration, I learnt from them the most important lesson when it comes to photography and film, namely that it’s important to make authentic and genuine connections with people to get the most out of them.