Alexandria Hall




🇨🇦 Canada

As a documentary style Wedding Photographer, I believe preparation is everything. Getting to know my clients and identifying what is important to them before the Wedding is key to me telling their unique story. On the Wedding day I believe my fun Bubbly nature allows me to interact with the couple and guests in a unique way that makes me feel more like a friend of the family rather than a voyeuristic photographer, this allows me to blend in with everyone so they feel relaxed and act themselves around me, this is what helps me to capture those unexpected moments on the day, capturing these moments and telling each individual story is what drives and inspires me. I feel as the photographer it is my role to ensure that I capture every aspect of the wedding in such a way that people can look back in years to come and really remember the day with fond memories. I want to tell the story from the getting ready to the last dance, but also make quick light work of those essential group and family shots so everyone can get back to celebrating the special day.