Wedding photographers in Bern

  • 12 images selected 12 Daniela Kläusler Bern (Switzerland) That‘s me: born in 1988, happily married and proud mom of a lovely little son. I‘m emotional, honest, love adventures and I really love capturing authentic „goosebumps-moments“ for eternity - and this again and again and again, passionate! I also love my family and friends, cappuccino, out beautiful nature, summer, the mountains, sea and lakes (what a privilege to live between two awesome lakes!), never ger enough of gorgeous sunsets (!), Australia, Mojito, Lolipops, Italian Food, the smell of fresh baken bread, little rabbits (alive!), chains of lights (preferably a lot of them) and the music (my second huge passion). daniela kläusler photography
    Wedding photographer Daniela Kläusler (dphotographych). Photo of 21 October
  • 2 images selected 2 Anastasia Arrigo Zürich (Switzerland) Also serving: Bern (Switzerland) Anastasia Arrigo
    from 250$ for 2 hours of work
    Wedding photographer Anastasia Arrigo (anastasia.arrigo). Photo of 16 December