Wedding photographers in India

  • 19 images selected 19 Manikanda Prabu Coimbatore (India) Also serving: Singapore (Singapore) I'm proud to make wedding memories, which for many make the happiest days of their life. Capturing and transforming irreplaceable moments into pictures are a learned skill and an innate art of mine. The responsibility inherent in producing photographs commemorating the once-in-a-lifetime experience is enormous, but then, so are the rewards. I ensure that generations will treasure you in your art form. I'm Weddingtales Prabu. Weddingtales prabu
    Wedding photographer Manikanda Prabu (Prabu). Photo of 18 March
  • 18 images selected 18 SAHEZAD.G Sūrat (India) Also serving: Dubai (United Arab Emirates) WEDDING PICTURES STUDIO “We Don't Just Create Memories; We Make Them For Lifetime.” Founded by SAHEZAD.G. - an acclaimed photographer & cinematographer working for over 16 years within and outside India. Word Photography denotes 'Writing with Light.' We feel blessed that our profession allows us to deal with inner light of the joyous couples and outer light of the event. Wedding Pictures Studio specialises in wedding photography & cinematography along with related editing and production work. OUR GOAL Our goal is simple but bold; we want to tell your wedding story through compelling photographs & film that transcend photographs & video. WEDDING PICTURES STUDIO
    Wedding photographer SAHEZAD.G  (infoweddingpictures). Photo of 07 September
  • 14 images selected 14 Kamal Kiran Hyderabad (India) We believe there is beauty in everything. Our aim is to unfold all that beauty into one frame and create our very own spectacle. Kamal Kiran Photography
    Wedding photographer Kamal Kiran (kamalkiranphotography). Photo of 02 July
  • 13 images selected 13 Parikshit Suri Mumbai (India) Also serving: New Delhi (India) Photography is one passion that I can't feed enough; hence I keep experimenting, learning and growing at every step. It is a great feeling to be able to create a piece of art that reflects one’s inherent personality. While I enjoy all kinds of photography, I specialize in Wedding Photography. Weddings are incredibly special and provide for the happiest moments in the life of a family, especially the couple. In the aura of a very positive environment it gives me sheer joy to be able to bring out wonderful expressions, amazing pictures and fabulous memories. I also undertake commercial shoots, model portfolios, celebrity portraits and much more! I am based in Mumbai, India but travel worldwide for photography assignments. PK Suri Worldwide Studios
    Wedding photographer Parikshit Suri (PKSuri). Photo of 05 April
  • 11 images selected 11 Sonal Dalmia Indi (India) Established in 2012 Clicksunlimited is a Photography firm founded by Sonal Dalmia. We at Clicksunlimited believe that Photography is not only about presentation, its about bringing out the expression & capturing the essence of each moment. Art is for everyone and that is why we have Creative Concepts Customised for every occasion. While Candid Wedding Photography and Bridal is our Forte, we lend each clicks-happy charm for moment like - Save The Date, Engagement, Pre & Post Wedding, Traditional Videos and Photography, Cinematic Videos, Episodes and Funny Videos, Helicam & Drone Photography, Cinemagraph & Customized Album too. Clicksunlimited Photography
    from 200$ for 2 hours of work
    Wedding photographer Sonal  Dalmia ( Photo of 05 July
  • 9 images selected 9 Niklesh Malkani Mumbai (India) Niklesh Malkani's, flexible shooting style, look and approach when shooting weddings is what makes him and his team unique.'Say Cheeze Photography ' , his company was started 20 years back in 1998.The studio specializes in weddings, babies, maternity and families and corporate films and profile pictures. Niklesh opened the studio with two goals in mind: To create artistic portraits of people, and to give his clients a unique experience that will be remembered and cherished for generations.Portraits of the bride and groom are approached with a modern and editorial style while the ceremony and reception have a more photo-journalistic approach. They know how to create compelling images that evoke the emotion and meaning that already exists.His soft-spoken nature allows people to open their homes and families to him so he can get the kinds of up close and personal images he strives for. He pays close attention to color, form and light, which complement the expressiveness of his subjects. Say Cheeze photography
    from 200$ for 6 hours of work
    Wedding photographer Niklesh  Malkani (SAYCHEEZE420). Photo of 03 March
  • 6 images selected 6 ABHAY BAIRAGI Dohad (India) RASM-O-RIWAAZ
    Wedding photographer ABHAY BAIRAGI (rasmoriwaazdahod). Photo of 04 May
  • 5 images selected 5 Ramki Duraiswamy Coimbatore (India) Also serving: Singapore (Singapore) Passionate photographer from India. Chasing memories since 2016. Available round the world for Wedding & Destination shoots. YNOT PHOTOGRAPHY
    from 350$ for 5 hours of work
    Wedding photographer Ramki Duraiswamy (ynoteventplanners). Photo of 29 October
  • 4 images selected 4 Kapoor Picturez Bengaluru (India) STUDIO SUNRISE
    Wedding photographer Kapoor Picturez (kapoorpicturez). Photo of 05 March
  • 3 images selected 3 Chaitanya Reddy Hyderabad (India) Being an Engineer ,Turned PhotoGrapher by Passion . Actually I realised ,I really enjoy Capturing people emotions and love which turn out to be long lasting Memories to remember .Been from couple of years here in field ,Travelled a lot ,I was One when i stared ,now we are TEAM ( NavChaitu Clicks ), We Capture all events but Wedding Photography is our Main stream .We are basically from Hyderabad ( INDIA ) ,Travel all over , lot to learn , lot to Explore . Navchaitu clicks
    Wedding photographer Chaitanya Reddy (chaitanyareddy1223). Photo of 29 September
  • 3 images selected 3 Manish Singh Bhubaneshwar (India) Manish Singh Photography
    Wedding photographer Manish Singh (manishsingh2901). Photo of 28 October
  • 1 images selected 1 Soumya Khuntia Mumbai (India) impressions by Soumya & Divya
    Wedding photographer Soumya Khuntia ( Photo of 31 March
  • Shail Chudgar Ahmedabad (India) Also serving: London (United Kingdom) Candid, Creative Wedding Photographer. My Shooting Perspective is to take any Traditional Wedding and shoot it in a Modern way. I Believe in capturing the beauty in those special moments and people at a wedding. The little details, as well as the grandeur of it all. I am now based in Ahmedabad, but I have lived in England for 9 years, so my personal style, which reflects in my work is a perfect balance of Modern & Traditional. Studio 146
    Wedding photographer Shail Chudgar (studio146). Photo of 29 October
  • 16 images selected 16 David Delgado Barcelona (Spain) Also serving: India Destination Wedding & Lifestyle Photographer Love telling Stories around the World David Delgado Photography
    Wedding photographer David Delgado (Delgado). Photo of 11 November