Pushpendra Gautam

Delhi (India)

I'm Pushpendra Gautam, a Wedding & Travel Photographer and Blogger based in India.I love colours and love making beautiful and colourful pictures and memories to cherish for lifetime.

I was selected in India's Top 50 & was nominated for Canon Better Photography Photographer of the Year Award and have also won 1st Prize at National Photography Exhibition . I've also been invited to shoot NDTV's Sabhyasachi's Band Baaja Bride Season-5 show as well.

My work has been featured on TimesofIndia, 7Vachan, Weddingsutra,Yourstory.com, Vegabomb, BolloywoodShadis, PolkadotWeddings(Australia's No1 Wedding Blog),MyWeddingPlanning, MemorabaleIndianweddings,Travel with Style magazine, Capturest AppBlog, CEOLifestyle , InspiroIndiaMagazine, IDiva and Weddingsonline.in to name a few.


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