Luis Leal

São Paulo (Brazil) Also serving: Brazil

Eternalize the emotions, the spontaneous, the joy of their relatives, the singular, the tears of happiness, the smile with the eyes. These are the moments in which Luís Leal works. It all started in 2008, in the beginning was in the photography of Nature and Submarine, when just over a year and a half Luís decided to provide his clients a detailed work, rich in detail and that will never be forgotten in their marriage. For this he created Luís Leal Photography, a company specialized in producing photographic events and making of audiovisual weddings for all styles and formats. Besides the commitment in his photography, making of audiovisual and essays, Luís Leal registers every detail by merging the format of the photojournalism. Photo album designer, modern platform, agile and punctual in its services.

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