Randi Baird

Boston (United States)

Art and design have always been at the center.
Beginning with the High School of Art and Design in New York City and continuing to a Fine Arts degree in Photography, I have been called to capture life through the lens.
My first real photo adventure took me to an extraordinary world as the Photojournalist for Greenpeace. I completed expeditions on the Rainbow Warrior in Russia, Tahiti + Japan. This was a turning point for me. There was no time to “set up a shot” as I’d been taught in school – life was happening. It was happening fast. And I couldn’t get enough.
I learned to make quick decisions. I learned to tell stories in an instant, before they were gone. The lynchpin was becoming eternally aware of the environment around me, to dive into it and get to know it before I needed it. To this day, and with an earthy intuitiveness, I tell the stories of my subjects using the environment as an extension of character and the journey.

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