özer Paylan

İstanbul (Turkey)

Özer PAYLAN, whose father is a photographer, has been in his profession since childhood.Made a statement to newspaper that he started by breaking his flash at the age of five.
Özer Paylan was born in Kayseri in 1982.After graduated from high school in Kayseri he went to Eskişehir for his university education.

Özer Paylan, who was once an apprentice to his father, is now at full control of Photography Stuido named Photo Album since 2000.Özer Paylan has many international accolades in wedding photography in Asia and America.Receiving 5 silver medals from WPPI in his first international competition was conducted in 2015
Ozer received an excellence medal from ASIAWPA in the same year.
In 2016, he was awarded 3 silver and 2 bronze medals and 3rd place in overall score in PPAC 4 excellence from ASIAWPA same year and 2nd place in overall ranking.

In 2017, he was awarded by PPAC with 3 silver and 2 gold medals received the second prize in the overall classification,