Jon Flint

Leicestershire (United Kingdom)

Born and raised in Melton Mowbray (the land of stilton cheese and pork pies), my love affair with photography began at the age of 15. I came about the craft very much by accident, when all of my school friends chose to take GCSE photography and I joined in just to be part of the group. Little did I know at the time, that I would enjoy it so much that it would go on to become a life long passion and carve the way for my future career. I went onto study photography throughout my education, finishing with a BA in Photography and Digital Imaging from London Thames Valley University.

Throughout my studies, advancements in the photography world were fast developing including the introduction of the digital camera, which revolutionised the industry. My education therefore gave me invaluable experience in both, as I was still heading into the dark room to process film alongside mastering the skills and techniques in digital photography which would prove vital for my future.

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