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  • 5 images selected 5 Charles Lat Honolulu (United States) HNL Studios is Hawaii’s professional and international award winning wedding team offering fine-art photography, videography, DJ/sound and photobooth serving Oahu, throughout the state of Hawaii, and worldwide. When you choose HNL Studios, you won't have to worry about your wedding. Let our team give you the peace of mind knowing you will have an authentic, memorable, and heartfelt wedding experience individually crafted just for you. You'll dress up, look your best, laugh till you cry, and we’ll do the rest. HNL Studios
    from 600$ for 5 hours of work
    Wedding photographer Charles Lat (charles-lat295). Photo of 09 March
  • 4 images selected 4 Shannon Sasaki Honolulu (United States) *I am a full time professional 3rd wheeler on Oahu. Yes, I am a wedding photographer and I absolutely love it. I even love the stress that comes with it. Overall it's such a happy day and love is such a beautiful thing to capture. The thing I love most about this job is the connections I make with different people. I have made some really great friends through photography and I look forward to making many more. I love that with photography you will never stop learning. I hated school but when it comes to photography and my business, I want to know it all. I'm just madly in love with what I do and I can't imagine doing anything else. Extra Shit: *Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday! *I wish I were a teenager in the 80's!!! *Wine + Tequila Lover. *If I could, I would travel and never stop. * Playing Guitar and Tropical Skittles is my cure for everything! :) Shannon Sasaki Photography
    Wedding photographer Shannon Sasaki (ShannonSasaki). Photo of 26 March