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Wedisson wedding photography directory has created a community of creative and talented photographers from the world's most popular cities including Peterborough. All the wedding photographers in Peterborough you can find on our website, are committed to uniquely telling your wedding story - they create cinematic and catchy reminiscences of every wedding in Peterborough relied on them. Wedisson is a modern studio with passionate and active camera enthusiasts who never look back when the matter concerns documentary wedding photography and videography.

Every Moment to Remember

When it comes to capturing the big day, there is nobody who can capture all special moments like professional wedding photographs in Peterborough presented here. Just look at the wonderful photos they have posted. Wouldn't you like to have your special day's precious moments pictured the same way? Our experienced wedding photographers combine both admiration and inspiration to call the outcome a piece of magic! After years you will look back at your nuptial images and feel a rush of precious memories overwhelming you! How great it will be to show your children and grandchildren how beautiful you and your spouse were when exchanging vows!

From Natural to Artistiс

Peterborough wedding photographers at Wedisson think out of the box. Surely, you can order group shots with friends and family in front of Peterborough Cathedral or Ferry Meadows. Yet, there is always a choice to leave the photography style to your photographer and get involved in a magic adventure! Be certain, the results will not disappoint you! Using exceptionally top-quality equipment, our specialists promise you pictures with high resolution, natural light, and coloring. Anyway, if you wish, your images may acquire a glimpse of fantasy. It is all on you and your wedding photographer!

How To Book The Services

The best way of ordering a wedding photographer's services is doing it months ahead. Being sure on the wedding date, providing a precise list of special guests (who you'd like to be photographed, too), expressing any wishes you might have, you give some stress-free time to your photographer to get prepare for the special day. They will know what you expect to get and will do their best to show your love and tenderness from the best view!

  • 37 images selected 37 Lee Daniels Peterborough (United Kingdom) Also serving: Leicester (United Kingdom) I have a real passion for delivering beautiful images that reflect the authentic, heartfelt emotions of a wedding. I document the day in a relaxed manor, picking up on all the key moments, whilst capturing all the fun and humour as it unfolds I really thrive on making the most of the natural landscape, I’m a sucker for a large moody sky or a stunning starlit evening, not to mention the magic of the golden hour, chasing light is a must at any wedding Lee Daniels Photography
    Wedding photographer Lee  Daniels (lee--daniels367). Photo of 01 August
  • 15 images selected 15 Michelle Hardingham Peterborough (United Kingdom) My name is Michelle, I’m a Mum of three Sons and Wife to my wonderful Husband Rob. We live in the beautiful City of Peterborough along with our dog Arlo. I have been a photographer since I first picked up a camera way back in 2007. Turns out I’m quite good at taking photographs! I’m now one of those incredibly lucky folk to have a job that I love so much. I’m super proud to have photographed 400+ weddings, UK and worldwide, even as far as the USA! Michelle White Photography
    Wedding photographer Michelle  Hardingham  (michelle--hardingham-504). Photo of 19 October
  • 7 images selected 7 Roxy Wallis Peterborough (United Kingdom) Also serving: London (United Kingdom) A passionate yet unobtrusive photographer who loves to portray the beauty of a wedding day along with how it FELT. When not at weddings, found drinking lattes, cuddling cats or exploring the world with two little boys who talk incessantly. Captured by Roxy
    Wedding photographer Roxy Wallis (messageroxy). Photo of 22 November