Wedding photographers in United Kingdom

  • 71 images selected 71 Ray Sawyer Newcastle upon Tyne (United Kingdom) I love fun, laughter and true emotions. Theres no cheese or stiff awkward portraits, just fun photos. I love my couples and their guests to play, dance, swear, joke, kiss, cuddle – do whatever they want – that’s where the real moments, emotions, expressions and awesomeness comes from. Sawyer and Sawyer Photography
    Wedding photographer Ray Sawyer (raysawyer). Photo of 03 June
  • 31 images selected 31 Daniel Ackerley Cambridge (United Kingdom) Professional wedding photographer based in Cambridge, UK. Daniel Ackerley Photography
    Wedding photographer Daniel Ackerley (DanielAckerley). Photo of 12 October
  • 23 images selected 23 Lorna Newman London (United Kingdom) Friendly female wedding photographer.
    Wedding photographer Lorna Newman (LornaNewman). Photo of 21 October
  • 20 images selected 20 Yasmina Ilic-Miloradovic Sydney (Australia) Also serving: United Kingdom After spending a couple of years in the UK, I am now back in Sydney, Australia! We have three adorable and cheeky children so as you can probably imagine, our household is a crazy one! I have always been interested in photography but only studied once our daughter was born and it very quickly turned into my passion. I love wedding photography. I have yet to photograph a wedding that I haven't shed a little tear at. You can always feel the love and emotion and I try to capture that in my images. My style is unobtrusive. Candid. Documentary. I prefer to go unnoticed, capturing those little smiles, big laughs, the happy tears and everything else in-between. Hope to hear from you soon! Yasmina Nadine Photography
    Wedding photographer Yasmina Ilic-Miloradovic (Yasmina). Photo of 14 November
  • 18 images selected 18 Lee Daniels Peterborough (United Kingdom) Also serving: Leicester (United Kingdom) I have a real passion for delivering beautiful images that reflect the authentic, heartfelt emotions of a wedding. I document the day in a relaxed manor, picking up on all the key moments, whilst capturing all the fun and humour as it unfolds I really thrive on making the most of the natural landscape, I’m a sucker for a large moody sky or a stunning starlit evening, not to mention the magic of the golden hour, chasing light is a must at any wedding Lee Daniels Photography
    Wedding photographer Lee  Daniels (lee--daniels367). Photo of 01 August
  • 15 images selected 15 Stacey Oliver Deeside (United Kingdom) I began my newspaper career at the age of 19 as a trainee photographer with a local newspaper and I quickly developed a flair for capturing ‘that’ image. Within three years I move onto a regional newspaper where I worked for touching 17 years. I pride myself on being personable and professional and my passion for photography is reflected in my work. I am a photographer who likes to create beautiful images in North Wales and beyond,I love my job and hope I can share this passion with you. I love life, my family, my friends, prosecco and travel. I have a natural, elegant and laid back approach to capturing a wedding. My aim is simple, to create beautiful, natural, stylish wedding images. Stacey Oliver Photography
    Wedding photographer Stacey Oliver (SOPhotos). Photo of 04 March
  • 14 images selected 14 Antony Chelliah London (United Kingdom) Jakobz Media
    Wedding photographer Antony Chelliah (antony-chelliah430). Photo of 01 April
  • 10 images selected 10 Aaron Yorke Worcester (United Kingdom) Thanks for visiting our website! We really hope that you find what you are looking for! I am photography and film maker specialising in wedding and studio portraiture. I offer a creative, unique and alternative approach to photography and film, providing fun, natural and unposed images with an additional creative style, to help make your shoot the best experience you could have! I am passionate about my work and care about everything I do, whether I am filming a wedding or photographing an engagement shoot, I put 100% into creating images that will capture who you are and create images with lasting memories which you will cherish for years to come! I work mostly in the West Midlands area, however we do travel across the UK, so feel free to contact me if you are outside of the area. You can contact me directly on my website. Thanks, Aaron. Incircles Photography
    Wedding photographer Aaron Yorke (IncirclesPhoto). Photo of 20 February
  • 10 images selected 10 Jason Yeoman London (United Kingdom) I have always had a pure love and fascination with images, patterns and design. Photography has been a passion and a profession of mine for over ten years. I aspire to create incredible wedding imagery in the U.K and internationally.
    Wedding photographer Jason Yeoman (JasonYeoman). Photo of 31 March
  • 10 images selected 10 Liz Greenhalgh Cambridge (United Kingdom) Addicted to weddings, to smiling, laughing and all the shenanigans that happen during the day Liz Greenhalgh Photography
    Wedding photographer Liz Greenhalgh (LizG). Photo of 05 December
  • 8 images selected 8 Michelle Hardingham Peterborough (United Kingdom) My name is Michelle, I’m a Mum of three Sons and Wife to my wonderful Husband Rob. We live in the beautiful City of Peterborough along with our dog Arlo. I have been a photographer since I first picked up a camera way back in 2007. Turns out I’m quite good at taking photographs! I’m now one of those incredibly lucky folk to have a job that I love so much. I’m super proud to have photographed 400+ weddings, UK and worldwide, even as far as the USA! Michelle White Photography
    Wedding photographer Michelle  Hardingham  (michelle--hardingham-504). Photo of 16 March
  • 7 images selected 7 Michelle Wilson-Stimson Stamford (United Kingdom) Relaxed and artsy elopement photographer with a rustic charm. It’s all about the love and the light! Mountains, Pistes, Hills, Woodlands and beaches are my favourite locations... I’m an outdoors type :) Wandering Wilson
    Wedding photographer Michelle Wilson-Stimson (michelle-wilson-stimson564). Photo of 28 July
  • 7 images selected 7 Martyn Hand Leeds (United Kingdom) My natural and relaxed style combines documentary wedding photography with creative and modern portraiture. I aim to tell the complete story of your day; the big moments, the little details, the look on the groom's face as the best man delivers the speech of the century. Captured through artistic, unobtrusive photography and presented in beautiful, timeless imagery, your wedding will become its own story that lasts for generations to come. Martyn Hand Photography
    Wedding photographer Martyn Hand (martyn-hamd603). Photo of 04 October
  • 7 images selected 7 Michael Harper Neston (United Kingdom) This is my passion, my business, my life. Pushing myself to the next level and never stopping still is my ongoing goal. Capture My Big Day
    Wedding photographer Michael Harper (michael-harper848). Photo of 06 March
  • 7 images selected 7 Mark Wallis Derby (United Kingdom) Also serving: France Mark Wallis Photography
    Wedding photographer Mark Wallis (markwallisphoto). Photo of 24 August
  • 5 images selected 5 October Willis Wisbech (United Kingdom) I've been photographing weddings along with my soon to be husband James for well over a decade now, and I love it as much now as I did when I first started. James and I are lucky to be able work together, we bicker like any other couple that work together, but ultimately we challenge and bring the best out in each other. Our photography style would be described as editorial, we're relaxed, creative and we always have a giggle with our couples during their special day. October James Photography
    Wedding photographer October Willis (octoberdwillis). Photo of 16 April
  • 5 images selected 5 Roxy Wallis Peterborough (United Kingdom) Also serving: Sorrento (Italy) A passionate yet unobtrusive photographer who loves to portray the beauty of a wedding day along with how it FELT. When not at weddings, found drinking lattes, cuddling cats or exploring the world with two little boys who talk incessantly. Captured by Roxy
    Wedding photographer Roxy Wallis (messageroxy). Photo of 22 November
  • 5 images selected 5 Sarah and Dan Davies Milton Keynes (United Kingdom) Also serving: Bedford (United Kingdom) Two-D Photography
    Wedding photographer Sarah and Dan Davies  (sarah--davies-456). Photo of 03 March
  • 5 images selected 5 Matt Trott Maidstone (United Kingdom) Matt Trott Photography
    Wedding photographer Matt Trott (matt-trott523). Photo of 21 February
  • 4 images selected 4 Lewis Fountain Cambridge (United Kingdom) I hate to admit it, but I get my passion for photography from my Dad. We both own and run Fountain Photography together and as much as he hates to admit it, I am the creative one in the business! When I am not shooting I love to train and keep fit or stay in and play my xbox. Fountain Photography
    Wedding photographer Lewis Fountain (andy---lewis-fountain584). Photo of 10 January
  • 3 images selected 3 Zibi Kuropatwinski Salisbury (United Kingdom) Also serving: New York City (United States) Zibi Photography
    Wedding photographer Zibi Kuropatwinski (Zibi). Photo of 31 October
  • 3 images selected 3 Cat Stephens Oxford (United Kingdom) Modern, creative and relaxed Cotswolds based wedding photographer. I cover the whole of the UK, and always happy to discuss destination weddings too. If you want a creative art style that you can proudly display, without any fuss and minimal posing to allow maximum time with your guests then get in touch! Cat Stephens Photography
    Wedding photographer Cat Stephens  (cat-stephens-139). Photo of 04 March
  • 3 images selected 3 Sean Paget Chester (United Kingdom) Also serving: London (United Kingdom) Hi, we're Cheshire Wedding Photographer and Filmmakers. We are a husband and wife team and we travel all over the UK and Europe to capture stories of love and emotion. We offer Destination Wedding Photography and cinematic Wedding Videography. Sean Paget Photography
    from 150$ for 10 hours of work
    Wedding photographer Sean Paget (sean). Photo of 26 June
  • 2 images selected 2 Elizabeth Young Peterborough (United Kingdom) I started out my Photography journey with an SLR camera way back but have been a wedding photographer for 11 years. I'm a mum, wife and cat lover with an addiction to Doritos. Elizabeth Young Photography
    Wedding photographer Elizabeth Young (BethYoung). Photo of 01 June
  • 2 images selected 2 Craig Howkins Cambridge (United Kingdom) Also serving: Northampton (United Kingdom) I was born and raised in Northamptonshire in a quaint little town surrounded by lovely villages. Early on I have discovered my passion for photography as a creative way to express myself and share what I see with other people. After studying Photography and Art and Design at the Northampton College, I worked as a Photographer for big British retail companies. However, this has not been fulfilling for me and I started to travel for several years. I love looking at the photos I took during my travels: of the different countries I've visited and lived in, the cultures I got to know and of course of the people I have met on my journeys. This showed me the importance of photography as a way to preserve memories. A common saying is “A photo can say more than a thousands words”. I think it can do much more. It can bring back memories of an event long gone and make you re-live this moment. Exactly this is what I want to achieve with my photography: By capturing special moments. Craig Howkins Photography
    Wedding photographer Craig Howkins (craig.howkins). Photo of 13 July
  • 1 images selected 1 Zak Mat Reading (United Kingdom) Epic Moments Photography
    Wedding photographer Zak Mat (zak-mat804). Photo of 17 July
  • 1 images selected 1 Nikos Nikos Peterborough (United Kingdom) A professional wedding photographer freezes time in the form of photography so that you can relive your wedding day at your desire. Photographs can speak thousands of words, so however you interpret it in your own words, it will have its own unique story. But to achieve the art of freezing time and creating magical photography, a formula is needed…and not just with the camera. The evolution of your wedding day memories starts and finishes without the camera. A recce and careful planning of your wedding location is required. One must also have a personality to create a magnetic bond with both guests and the betrothed couple. This is a skill that you are born with. Once you have mastered the art of photography and memory catching, using your own signature styles, superior work is then carried out in a modern day darkroom. A professional photographer must also present a story distinctively too... Your story is inspired by you and told by me... Nikos Wedding Photography
    Wedding photographer Nikos Nikos (nikosweddingphotography). Photo of 20 March
  • 1 images selected 1 Rick Dell Manchester (United Kingdom) I am a creative professional wedding photographer with over 20 years experience. I love capturing natural images with emotions and creative imagery at all weddings I attend I offer the widest range of packages And the widest range of albums and storybooks And Pride my self on great customer service . Rick Dell Photography
    Wedding photographer Rick  Dell (rickdellman). Photo of 08 February
  • 1 images selected 1 Nick Ellison Liverpool (United Kingdom) Madison Picture
    Wedding photographer Nick Ellison (nickellison84). Photo of 29 September
  • 1 images selected 1 Abhi Kochhar Derby (United Kingdom) Asian Wedding Photographer, based in the UK Photos by Abhi
    Wedding photographer Abhi Kochhar (photosbyabhi). Photo of 31 October