Amritraj Esakkiappan

Mumbai (India)

We are an enthusiastic wanderer photographers.
​Our goal is simple - we want our photographs to tell a ‘story’. A story, which makes an ever-lasting impression and can be cherished and treasured forever.
Our idea is that we just don’t want to click pictures we want to create ‘magic’ through every picture. We ensure that every picture that we click reveals the true and raw essence of you, your personality and your special day.
We try to blend in your moments, to give you ‘real stories’ of documentary-style photographs, which is beyond of what you may have ever imagined.
We are ‘The Optimist’, ever-dedicated people, on our challenging endeavour to make life beautiful around us.
We constantly thrive to make our work fun not only for us, but also for our clients!
Photomist is Amritraj and Drishti and together they bring you Raw Instance! Shining moments of connection! Grace with a Cultural touch!

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