Giorgio Di Fini

Catania (Italy)

I’m a documentary wedding photographer which means my photographs will tell the honest and unscripted story of your day,
not a series of poses or orchestrated shots which bear no resemblance to the feelings, the emotions, even the smells,
tastes and sounds you’ll have experienced on your wedding day. Weddings these days don’t have to be formal and stuffy,
and neither does the photography. The photographs are the only thing which become more important,
and hold more significance,over the years.
To say that the dress/shoes/flowers/venue/band will all be forgotten over time is a hackneyed phrase,
and yet it and yet it’s true. Your memories become more precious, and your photographs will become the only way to revisit your day,
and for little people who have not even been born yet to witness that day themselves, 10, 20, 30 years from now.
Documentary wedding photography ensures a fluidity to the day, and a genuine narrative to your wedding photographs.

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