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Drew Webb Photography and Film

I love to travel, Watch movies, and may have a slight obsession with animals.

My name’s Drew, I spend a significant amount of my day trying to keep up with my dogs or planning my next adventure. In the summer (when I’m not working of course) its beaches, dog walks and family barbecues. Like pretty much everyone, as the weather gets colder, you’ll often find me sat watching Love Actually and The Holiday. I love movies and I’m pretty sure that is where most of my inspiration comes from. I get swept up in the epic beauty of cinema and do my best to incorporate that into every wedding I shoot.

Winning photos

at the end of the night we ventured away from the party to grab a moment for the bride and groom to take in the empty ceremony space. - taken in the orangery at Barton Hall, Kettering, UK

90th Collection

The venue (Barton Hall) had mirrors everywhere they worked perfectly as a way to uniquely frame the dance floor. Paired with the empty chairs it communicates just how epic the party was at this wedding.

90th Collection

the peace garden at St Dunston in the East is the perfect break from a busy Wedding in Central London. This photo was all about capturing the couple at one with history and nature.

89th Collection

Jack and Danielles wedding had them surrounded by loved ones, friends and family all day. It was the perfect example of an emotion packed wedding and even featured a song written and performed by Jack for Danielle to walk down the aisle to. This moment was late in the evening when the newlyweds managed to grab a moment alone in the fire exit doorway of all places.

85th Collection