Finni + Basti

Damn I was happy to meet these lovely germans when visiting the abandoned DC-3 near the Vik in Iceland. I came on Tuesday morning around 7:00 to see this aircraft and Finni and Basti were already there flying their drone. I had some plans to find a couple for a short couple photography session while I was in Iceland and this mission was accomplished after this short session, and it really was short session. When I looked my EXIF data of pictures, it took 11 mins for the first image to last one when having fun with these talented fellow photographers. All the best for you Finni & Basti and if you wanna see some their gorgeous work, take a further look to their instagram accounts: Finni: Basti: Hopefully we´ll see you again! The reason why was in Iceland, I was shooting wedding portraits for one gorgeous wedding couple all the way from China. You´ll definitely see some pics of them later ;) Enjoy!

7 August 2016. Turku (Finland)